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Leadup to March Madness

To start off, congratulations are in order. The Connecticut Women’s Basketball team has recently won the 101st consecutive game, one of the longest streaks in sports history. Since losing in double overtime to Stanford back in 2014, they’ve been on an absolute tear. Earlier this past week, they snuck past Tulane 63-60, in one of

NBA 2016 Projections

I’m not going to pretend I’m a basketball expert. However, I can repeatedly yell a single factoid and claim it to be an argument, so step aside Stephen A. Smith. Here’s just a few storylines from first week-odd of the season, and my predictions. Big addition Kevin Durant has not yet skyrocketed the Golden State

Big Ten Football Is the Best

One of the hardest questions to answer about college athletics is who has the toughest schedule. This often then comes down to what conference a team plays in, since they will face the same eight or nine teams every year. Although Alabama (SEC) remains the number one ranked team (rightfully so) in the nation by

Cubs in World Series

After 71 years, the Chicago Cubs are back in the World Series. In the year following a wild card berth and an NLCS defeat at the hands of the New York Mets, Chicago put together the best record in the MLB and weathered the storm of early October playoff baseball. They will represent the National