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After two terms of writing for Op-Ed…

  …I learned that an Op-Ed is actually a term used to distinguish between the opinions of the editorial board (an editorial), and the opinions of other authors and staff writers—me. I learned it is also short for “opposite the editorial,” not opinion and editorial…go figure. I also learned that the sales pitch that convinced

A practical guide to surviving midterms

  It’s about that time. We’re five weeks through the coldest part of the school year, which, undoubtedly, means nothing but the worst. The professors are having the bi-termly meeting on ways in which they can effectively ruin your life and tank your GPA, which includes the usual instruments of joy: midterms, essays, lab reports,

Baby, it’s cold outside

On New Year’s Eve, as friends and I gathered around waiting for the ball to drop, I was obsessing over my phone. More specifically, I was obsessing over my weather app. In the eastern plains of Colorado, under the shadow of Pikes Peak the temperatures were in the teens, and the wind chill was itself

My Glasses Taught Me About Myself

I was prescribed glasses for the first time in my junior year of high school. The prescription was low, so most my friends just laughed when they tried them on. “Are these even prescription?” they always inevitably asked. They were, of course, but even I barely noticed. What people did tend to notice about my

What I learned from a term of Freshman Studies

On a surface level, it sounded like everything that the conceited, snooty, wannabe intellectual in me thought I wanted at a high achieving liberal arts institution: a wide array of different material, classical works, art, literature and engaged discussion between young, vibrant minds. In truth, Freshman Studies did for me what it promised. I did,

A Practical Guide to NFL Fandom

But what is football, really? One big theater of dreams, and it’s these moments, prior to the kick-off, that loom the largest, when all the fan’s dreams are still alive and intact. The Panthers, the Titans, the Vikings, the Rams…every one of them dreaming of a ring just like the Patriots, the Steelers, the Cowboys.