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That was Lawrence: The rock

Stephen Nordin I am certainly not the first Lawrentian writer to put ink to paper in pursuit of that campus enigma-“The Rock.” A. Arthur Bennett of the Class of 1895 discovered the four-ton granite boulder while on a field trip with Professor D.P. Nicholson outside the town of New London, Wisconsin. While that locale is

The Specht Pages: Fun times at Bon Appétit

Kevin Specht It amazes me when I hear people say that they are sick of eating at Andrew Commons. To me, there are so many options to choose from-back home did any of you have meatloaf night every Wednesday? Perhaps what has kept me from getting bored with the food in the commons is the

Skinny Jeans and Fava Beans: Egyptian food

Deborah Levinson Had you asked me two months ago what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would have had no problem ranting to you about printmaking or papermaking or being a master printer. But things have changed. I’m in a new country, I’ve met new people and I have new experiences nearly

That Was Lawrence: Freshman Studies

Stephen Nordin The May 11, 1945 issue of The Lawrentian nestled a small article among larger pieces on campus life and the surrender of Nazi Germany, which reported President Nathan Pusey’s announcement of “a new course in the Humanities to be incorporated into the Lawrence College curriculum in September… known as ‘Freshman Studies.’” Pusey, a

Specht Pages: Unexplained wood

Kevin Specht If you’re like me, then since your first days on campus you have been dying to know the story of the plank of wood that rests on a wall in the stairwell that connects the Shattuck Hall of Music with the Lawrence Memorial Chapel (which I hope we can start calling LMC for

Skinny Jeans and Fava Beans: Transit danger

Deborah Levinson This week I’m feeling super awesome and proud of myself. Normally I would just make my friends listen to me rant about how great I am, but since I have a larger audience, I’ve decided to simultaneously address one of my least favorite parts of Cairo and why I’m so pleased with myself.

That was Lawrence: Presidential visits and campaigning

Stephen Nordin Through the tremendous effort of the University administration and student organizers, we have had two high-profile political visits over the past year. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke in the Stansbury Theater March 30, and First Lady Michelle Obama headed an impressive campaign event last Friday. While Lawrence’s central location in the Fox

Specht Pages: A new thrill on campus

Kevin Specht The Warch Campus Center, the crown jewel of Lawrence’s student facilities, was completed in 2009 at a cost of around $35,000,000. This building houses a cinema, three eateries, mail services, campus life offices, a computer lab, study rooms, LEED Gold Certification and non-flushing futuristic urinals. “What more could we ask for?” you may ask… My response:

Skinny Jeans and Fava Beans: Crosswalk perils

Deborah Levinson While AUC worked to avoid cancelling the semester, I took advantage of my time off and spent a few days in Alexandria. My first overnight excursion out of Cairo was definitely worth it, though it certainly led me to compare Alexandria with Cairo. The beauty of the Mediterranean definitely beats out the Nile,

Student protests in Cairo

Deborah Levinson The American University in Cairo (AUC) is generally regarded as the best university in Egypt. But recently its reputation as the only school for brilliant scholarship students and the children of Egypt’s elite has begun to crumble. Beginning last week, AUC students protested the university’s increase in tuition, which is scheduled to recur