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Album Review: “Solitary Company” by Son Of The Velvet Rat

Music aficionados love nothing more than to brag about unknown groups they enjoy in no small part because of the credibility that comes from having obscure taste. Just about everyone has at least one friend who loves to complain that they liked bands “before they were cool,” and distance themselves from those groups once they

Department of Theatre Arts performs The Domino Effect

The Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts performed The Domino Effect starting on Thursday, May 20. Photo by Alana Melvin. This past weekend the Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts performed their version of The Domino Effect, a play written by Fin Kennedy. The production was directed by Kathy Privatt and stage managed by junior

An overview of Netflix’s celebrating AAPI stories collection

At the beginning of May, I opened Netflix to a splash of graduated colors announcing a new featured collection, “Celebrate Asian American & Pacific Islander Stories.” The unapologetic mouthful truly surprised me — we don’t get featured. We don’t get recognized. We don’t get celebrated. But here we are, even if it took a year of