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Shanty Club performance

On Nov. 10, Larry’s Privateers had their last show of the term about what shanty tunes are best known for: crappy jobs. The group performed nine songs revolving around this theme, whether it was coal mining, railroad working, whaling or just being Scottish. The crew includes sophomores “Captain” Nick Mayerson, “First Mate” Matt Rynkiewicz, “Quartermaster”

Appleton Library hosts Native quilt making and storytelling

In celebration of Native History Month, the Appleton Public Library hosted the travelling exhibit “Native Stitches and Stories” on the evening of Nov. 7. The night of story and song was woven together by Oneida storyteller Debra Morningstar and Wisconsin quilter Pat Ehrenberg as a tour of regional Native cultures across the Americas in the

Vocal professor gives recital

On Nov. 3, Professor of Music Karen Leigh-Post preformed a vocal recital in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel to an attentive audience of students, staff and community members. After ending the final notes of the eerily discordant “Furthermore” by Christine Davis, she joked that the first 40 minutes comprised what she called the “baby-boomer” half of