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Artist Spotlight: Willa Johnson

Artist Spotlight: Willa Johnson

By Lizzy Weekes Art does not simply come into existence of its own accord. Everything comes about through a process. “I love the process […] it’s so easy to mess up stuff, it’s so easy to have technical mistakes in your process,” junior studio art and French major Willa Johnson said. “I always love when

Artist Spotlight: Liam Hoy

By Lizzy Weekes Art can be deeply conceptual or purely aesthetically pleasing. Many artists try to do both or one or the other for various reasons. “I just like making aesthetically pleasing pieces of art,” senior Liam Hoy said. He draws inspiration from sculptor Anish Kapoor—you are probably familiar with his piece “Cloud Gate,” the

Artist Spotlight: Pablo Morales

By Lizzy Weekes Music is a universal language, a unifier. “It can bring together people from all different walks of life, people that would otherwise have nothing in common,” self-proclaimed “unconventional” senior and clarinet performance major Pablo Morales said. For Morales, music has always been an important part of his life. From the fifth grade