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Artist spotlight: Wendell Leafstedt

Senior composition major Wendell Leafstedt is serious and thoughtful, pausing often to think while articulating himself inquisitively with his hands. Curious and open, it is with this same reflective earnestness that Wendell approaches music. “The desire to make music comes from everything I encounter in daily life,” said Leafstedt. As an example, he gestured to

Faculty shows high caliber talent at recital

On Friday, Jan. 25, four Conservatory faculty members collaborated for an excellent recital in Harper Hall. Lecturer of Music and soprano Esther Oh Zabrowski, Associate Professor of Music and oboist Nora Lewis, Assistant Professor of Music and horn player Ann Ellsworth and Assistant Professor of Music and pianist Andrew Crooks performed a variety of classical

Riepenhoff and the understated art gallery

John Riepenhoff, Milwaukee-based artist and gallery owner, talked to the Lawrence community on Jan. 15 in the Wriston auditorium. Riepenhoff, who was born and raised in Milwaukee, has a knack for starting non-traditional galleries and running art events. He attended University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and his art has been displayed around the world. His passion for