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The Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

The Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

A piece of Julie Esch Hurvis’s artwork hanging in the newly rededicated center for spiritual and religious life. Photo by Lucian Baxter. If you’ve spent any time on the Lawrence campus, you’ve likely seen the names Esch and Hurvis a few times. There’s Hurvis Crossing right next to the Warch Campus Center, the Esch Hurvis

So What, What Does It Mean to Be You? A Look Into Subin Cheong

Sophomore Subin Cheong. Photo by Dani Massey. Double majoring before the pandemic was challenging enough. It consisted of maintaining time for yourself, getting around to doing everything on your to-do list and staying on top of your work while everything around you demands some form of attention. However, sophomore Subin Cheong faces each of these

Revolution Treehouse: Yayoi Kusama

Welcome to Revolution Treehouse, your corner of the Lawrentian for all things creative, outspoken and change-making! Art of every form is an evocative and efficient vehicle for political ideas, ranging from the protest music of the Vietnam War era to the graffiti transformation of confederate monuments during summer 2020. This column aims to share great