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Subculture on Main: Sterling Ambrosius

Subculture on Main strives to raise awareness of the diversity of people and important issues on the Lawrence University campus. Care is taken to give equal platform to unique individuals and to listen to their stories with an open mind. Interviews are reflective only of the interviewee and are not representative of their whole group.

Greek, Rome, and the East

Monday evening, students and staff gathered in the Warch Campus Center’s Kraemer Conference Room to witness a series of brilliant mini lectures presented by professors and faculty stemming from various academic departments. Of these, the following gave presentations: Associate Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life Rev. Terra Winston, Assistant Professor of History Brigid Vance, Associate

Player’s Perspective: Joseph Wetzel

Imagine being 11 years old again. The world was a very different place back then. There was still so much to see, to explore, to understand about the world around you. For senior linguistic anthropology major Joseph Wetzel, a moment came at this age where his father entrusted him with “Neverwinter Nights” (BioWare, 2002). Wetzel

Christopher Fink public reading

Students and staff had the pleasure of attending a book-reading at Main Hall this past Tuesday with special guest, author and professor of English and Environmental Journalism at Beloit College, Christopher Fink. Fink has been the editor-in-chief of the Beloit Fiction Journal since 2005.  He currently has two published works of fiction, “Farmer’s Almanac” published

Player’s Perspective: Ben Schaffzin

Previously called “What A Game!,” this column seeks to engage individuals and hear their stories of how games have impacted them as well as their views of the culture, community, content and controversy within gaming. The video gaming industry has fallen victim to a great number of corporate practices plaguing other industries. The “realistic” remakes

Real Womxn’s Voices: Rosa Tapia

The assumption that there is a universal and singular experience as a womxn erases the nuances and variety that exists. This column seeks to address the many intersections that overlap in an individual’s life. All this is done in an effort to celebrate the reality of womxnhood in the various ways it may be expressed,