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A “necessary explanation” of the housing process

Naveed Islam Do you know where you want to live next year? Are you flabbergasted by the random string of digits they call your lottery number? Have you been asking upperclassmen for advice on how to navigate the housing selection process? You needn’t be confused any longer, dear reader. The Residence Life Committee of LUCC,

Across the pond

Grace Berchem (Photo courtesy of Grace Berchem) One of the many joys of London life is that the thought of traveling across the country for a weekend getaway does not feel nearly as imposing and daunting as it might in Appleton. London is an amazing and exciting city, but it’s always nice to see another

From our kitchen to yours: Yummmm Smoothies

Anneliese Abney I’m giving you this recipe this week for the simple reason that it is the only thing that adequately expresses how excited I am about all this sunshine and warmth we’ve finally been enjoying! I had these awesome smoothies in a café in Chicago’s Germantown over the summer, and this recipe is my

Professor David McGlynn speaks at “Lunch at Lawrence”

Magdalena Waz A room full of alumni and community members gathered April 8 to hear Assistant Professor of English David McGlynn speak about personal experiences and how they fuel fiction writing as part of the “Lunch at Lawrence” series. The talk, “Flirting with Disaster: Turning Personal Obsession into Fiction,” included memories from McGlynn’s upbringing in

From the archives: A look back at Lawrence in wartime

Chelsea Johnson Famously impermeable, the Lawrence Bubble has plagued students for decades. Isolated from world, national and even Appleton news, we often get stuck in our Lawrentian lives. However, even the most oblivious students can’t ignore some things. World War II shook the country, and Lawrence shook with it. In a Dec. 14, 1941 letter

Beyer shares experiences at Ghanaian orphanage

Melinda Beyer (Photo by Melinda Beyer) When I decided to volunteer with International Volunteer Headquarters, I wanted to help children, but I was intimidated by children and didn’t believe myself capable of working one on one with them. I therefore chose to work in the agriculture program, working on a farm owned by an orphanage

The secret lives of our profs

Rachel Young (Photo by Emma Moss) Professor of Theatre Arts and J. Thomas and Julie Esch Hurvis Professor of Theatre and Drama Timothy X. Troy is a 1985 graduate of Lawrence University with a student-designed major in modern intellectual history. He was consistently involved in theater throughout his time at Lawrence and already knew then

Mudd library celebrates national library week

Tammy Tran The Seeley G. Mudd library will be celebrating National Library Week April 10-16. “The purpose of National Library Week,” said Circulation and Inter-Library Loan AssistantAngela Vanden Elzen, “is to promote the services and support that are available from libraries. We at the Mudd Library feel it is particularly important to get the word

Across the pond: new adventures ahoy!

Provie Duggan (Photo courtesy of Provie Duggan) We have been in London a little over a week and every day has been filled with all sorts of adventures and fun, including getting lost, getting to know our neighborhood, meeting new people and going on all sorts of scheduled tours. As it is my first time