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The secret lives of our profs

Rachel Young (Photo by Will Melnick) Lecturer of Gender and Freshman Studies Helen Boyd Kramer has been at Lawrence since 2008. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she has an undergraduate degree in English and a master’s degree in writing, both from The City College of New York. Gender has always been a strong theme in

From our kitchen to yours

Anneliese Abney Growing up, there were a handful of recipes that my dad would always make that my sister and I were just head-over-heels for. This biryani recipe is one of them. I love biryani — it’s pretty simple to make, plus it’s delicious and can be served on its own. Or, if you’re feeling

Taking a closer look at Confidence and Determination in Youth

Andrew Kim Christine Seeley, a junior majoring in studio art, is president of Lawrence University’s CADY — Confidence and Determination for Youth — organization. Originally conceived five years ago as what she calls “a sorority-type thing,” the organization aims to reach out to young students in the Appleton community and get them interested in a

From our kitchen to yours

Anneliese Abney  I am giving you this recipe this week for one simple reason: it tastes like spring. No, scratch that. It tastes like summer. And while some of you may still be enjoying the cold and the snow, I for one am wholeheartedly sick of winter! Therefore, I’ve been making and eating lots of

Student Initiatives in Sustainable Agriculture

David Rubin (Photo by Oren Jakobson) Seniors Sophie Patterson and Oren Jakobson have spent the better part of a year organizing the first-ever SISA — Student Initiatives in Sustainable Agriculture — conference. The Lawrentian sat down with these dedicated SLUG members for a discussion about the goals of the SISA conference and the logistical challenges

Main Hall sundial keeping time with the past

Chelsea Johnson (by Emma Moss)  Selfless, self-motivated, self-aware: all words any Lawrentian would lovingly apply to themselves and their classmates. However, if we’re being honest, “self-centered” might find a place on that list, for we often forget that Lawrence has had a history before our own time. In fact, many students do not even know

Students Engaged in Global Aid making a difference

Tammy Tran Students Engaged in Global Aid is one of Lawrence’s newest student organizations. Inspired by Assistant Professor of Government and Stephen Edward Scarff Professor of International Affairs Jason Brozek’s Introduction to International Relations class, SEGA began at Lawrence during the 2008-2009 school year, when a group of students wanted to create a tool for

Domestic Gourmands: delivery from Asian Thai

Naveed Islam and Tasmia Rahman TR: It’s snowing outside. NI: Yep. TR: Do you still want to go out for dinner? NI: Nope. TR: Okay. NI: We could go to Taste of Thai. That’s close by. TR: We’ve eaten there so many times I probably taste like Thai. NI: Do you want to order in