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Photo Feature: Sororities’ Formal Recruitment

Over the past week, three of Lawrence’s five sororities hosted formal recruitment in the Warch Campus Center. Recruitment consists of three separate rounds designed to allow any individual who identifies as a woman to become familiar with the different chapters represented on campus. Throughout the week, 47 students visited each of the chapters, learning about

Photo Feature: West African Heritage at “Akoma”

Last Sunday, Oct. 16, Lawrence International’s annual Ethnic Dinner “Akoma” brought not only the taste, but also the music and aesthetics of West African countries to Appleton. Hugely popular just like the Ethnic Dinner of the previous years, the event drew students, faculty and staff members, as well as many members from the greater Fox

Photo Feature: Seniors Edition

This week, we talk to some seniors about their hopes and plans for their last year at Lawrence. With the Senior Class BBQ last Wednesday, Sept. 28 kicking off a series of events dedicated for seniors, the Class of 2017 is heading off into an exciting year. Talking to us, many seniors expressed mixed feelings—excitement