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Community celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Community celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Photos by Sarah Navy. On Monday, Jan. 20, members of the Lawrence community engaged in a variety of service opportunities for the 17th Annual Lawrence University Day of Service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Although this day was not recognized as a day of service at Lawrence until 2003, Congress designated

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Yemen At least 80 Yemeni soldiers were killed while in prayer and 130 more were injured in a missile attack on a mosque. The attack came from the Houthi rebel group, who are backed by the Iranian government. This attack is just one in a years-long civil war where Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the United

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Mexico A mass grave of 29 people was recently found by the Mexico National Guard on the outskirts of Guadalajara. This comes after two other graves of 81 people were found nearby just last year. Of the 29, four have been identified as people who had gone missing last year. All of these deaths are

Panhellenic Council hosts primary recruitment

Freshman Alex Freeman playing Jenga at a sorority informational session held in the Steitz Atrium. Photo by Larissa Davis. During this past week, many female students have been participating in Primary Recruitment with the intent to join one of Lawrence’s three Panhellenic sororities. The process began on Sunday, Jan. 12, and will conclude today, Friday,

Former Lawrence staff member delivers her “Queer Success” story

On Thursday, Jan. 9, trans actor, photographer and musician Rachael Crowl delivered a talk in the Wriston Auditorium titled “Queer Success – Strategies for Survival.” Crowl previously worked in New York City playing the lead role in several off-Broadway productions and at Lawrence as the Director of Visual Media. Since, she has worked as the


Freshman Class Representatives of LUCC 2019-2020 Hung Nguyen “Being in the LUCC is a great opportunity for me to represent various viewpoints from my peers and bring them to the discussion. The beauty of the LUCC is the diverse pool of people from various backgrounds. My first term being a part of the LUCC is

Meal Plan Changes: An interview with Bon Appetit manager Julie Severance

Changes this year in Lawrence’s main dining hall, Andrew Commons, have provoked reactions from students, including confusion. The Lawrentian spoke to Julie Severance, manager of Lawrence’s Bon Appetit branch, over email to gain clarity on what has changed and why. Bon Appetit is a food service provider that provides for various organizations. Her response was