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Staff Editorial: Q: What has working on The Lawrentian meant to you?

ALEX F: When people think of journalism, their first thought naturally goes to publications with a vast audience, like the BBC or the New York Times. But just because these journalism organizations are the ones that usually break the biggest news does not mean that they are the only publications that matter — lower level

Classical music must die

Since I arrived at Lawrence in fall 2015, significant strides have been taken to decolonize the conservatory curriculum at large.  In fall 2018, the musicology department brought a curriculum to the conservatory faculty, switching from Western music history to the Intro to Musicology sequence. The new sequence eliminated the costly, Western-centered textbooks in exchange for

Staff Editorial: Your weekly reminder to #VoteLocal

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, Appleton celebrated an election day, narrowing the field of candidates for mayor of Appleton and for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. Last week, many Lawrentians jumped at the chance to engage in local politics, but found that voter ID laws impeded their ability to do so.  While this obstacle exists, it is not