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Letter to the Editor from Doug Martin

Dear Editors: I read Claire Zimmerman’s Lore-ence article in the January 31st edition, “Lawrence adds a new UNIC course” with some disappointment.  While the peripheral ideas, such as surveying the students of UNIC 142 before and after the course, were spot on, the core course proposal needs substantial revision.  I fault the anonymous professor for

Letter to the Editor

I found the recent The Lawrentian cover featuring a student portraying a “Mammy” in a satire play called The Negro-Striatal Function very disturbing–not because of the content of the play, but rather because the photo had been chosen to represent all of the events of POC Empowerment Week. Louric Rankine ’21, Vice President of the

Letters to the Editor: Lawrence Compliant with New Title IX Guidance

In September 2017 the U.S. Department of Education (the Department) announced interim guidance pending new Title IX regulations it will issue in late 2018 or early 2019. Lawrence’s current policies and procedures are compliant with this interim guidance and remain in effect. The Department withdrew the prior administration’s 2011 and 2014 guidance, which had directed

Letter to the Editor: ESAs are not an Epidemic

We believe that the article “ESA Epidemic” in the Nov. 3 issue of
The Lawrentian had some information that could have been misleading to readers. Initially, the word “epidemic” poses some issues due to the negative connotation it carries. Emotional support animals (ESAs) provide crucial support for students who have them. We are fortunate that Lawrence

Letter to the Editor

To my fellow Lawrentians: Lawrence’s latest convocation address specifically highlighted the theme of unity, and also highlighted the role of a liberal arts college in fostering that unity. The convocation also, however, touched on our country’s current state of polarization. We must now discern and face up to the most consequential factors that have led

Letter to the Editor: On Campus Scandal

Time has a mutating effect, but a few elements of the Lawrence experience remain constant over the decades—room parties, mayflies, midterms, nervous administrators, happy hours at the Viking Room and a juicy campus scandal about once per semester. The most recent example is the now-notorious screening of “Can We Take a Joke?” in the Wriston

Letter to the Editor: I will not graduate from Lawrence, I will have overcome it

Lawrence University is an institution rooted in white supremacy. The message sent to students of color has repeatedly been an overwhelming “you do not belong here,” and while there were strides made to fix the racist orthodoxy of this campus, events this past week reminds us of the historical and structural oppression that is grafted

Letters to the Editor: Snowflakes and Nazis: A Personal Commentary on Recent Events

At this point, I cannot hope to persuade anyone of anything. Views were cemented early on, and have only been further entrenched. Persuasion, however, is not my intention. I aim merely to introduce another perspective. I question the usefulness of this, when the quagmire of opinion is already neck deep. Yet, the community shows no

Letters to the Editor: Recent Free Thought Event

The mission of Students for Free Thought is to create a place to examine controversial issues rationally, scientifically and objectively. Last Wednesday, May 17, we hosted an event to address the issue of free speech, especially as it relates to comedy. We showed a documentary that presents a perspective on this topic not usually voiced