Letters to the Editor articles

Letter to the Editor: LGBTQ Faculty and Staff

To Gay, Lesbian Or Whatever (GLOW) and to all Trans, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and Ally (TLGBQIAA), genderqueer, and Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) students on campus,   We are your LGBTQ faculty and staff at Lawrence University, and we are impressed. We have known improvements have been needed for a long time; and while

Letter to the Editor: Nebal Maysaud

To the Editor, Every queer person has faced some form of marginalization, but when the balance of privilege is uneven, they do not work together despite these differences. Instead, those of privilege end up ignoring the more marginalized members of their community. The privilege dynamics in the queer community actively participate in the constant oppression

Letter to the Editor: Josh Dukelow

To the Editor, I read your recent editorial encouraging Lawrence students to get involved in local government with great interest. Your reasoning that students can make a huge impact if they choose to get active is exactly right. What is more, the City of Appleton will only become a better home for Lawrence students if

Letter to the Editor: Brian Kevin Beck

To the Editor,   This older alumnus salutes the “racism-protesters.” But less for seeking “social justice,” than for advancing Lawrence’s “liberal-arts/general education” itself! Who knew? The academic disciplines of my earlier times were flawed and macro-oppressive. You have refreshed them. Our sociology warned that social movements can be runaway, wherein a puppet-master makes us dance

Letter to the Editor: Amaan Khan

To the Editor,   This past Monday, Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) President Wesley Varughese reported to General Council that by the Saturday deadline, only three candidates had submitted paperwork to run for the upcoming executive elections—one for president and two for vice president. Varughese then successfully proposed to the council that it vote on