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Staff Editorial

Recently, Bon App***e acute***tit contracted Musak Holdings, LLC to provide music for the caf***e acute***. While we understand why Bon App***e acute***tit might be interested in playing music as an ambient background to the conversations held in the caf***e acute***, we feel that the approach taken was not ideal. Students, undoubtedly, cannot be involved in

Breaking routines: Starting something new

Nicholas Paulson I’m new at this. Further, I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing — having no experience writing in this manner. This being the first of what will undoubtedly be a prolific, expansive, magnanimous career that will touch the lives and hearts of many a Lawrentian, I’m entirely without ideas about

Ought class be dismissed?

Steve Nordin Privilege. Social class. Entitlement. These are concepts that are awkward to discuss outside of a liberal arts classroom or with people of a different background than yours. We see the effects of socio-economic differences every day, and yet we ascribe to an ideology that proclaims “liberty and justice for all.” In the media,

Letter to the Editor

I was surprised by the email Jill Beck sent out toward the end of fall term about the new Wellness Center. I was not surprised that they were moving counseling services into the rec center – after all, they needed somewhere to put all of the extra students they didn’t think were going to come

Collegial or curmudgeonly?

Steve Nordin This last Sunday night, I should have been writing two papers. They determine my grades, which determine my GPA, which determines my overall success in life.Despite this, I chose to get into an argument with a fellow Plantzonian instead of getting another much-needed dose of caffeine into my veins. Our discussion was conducted

Staff Editorial: Conversational forum

The Lawrentian offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to engage in open dialogue with one another through writing articles, submitting Letters to the Editor and commenting on our website. Inherent to the form of a paper is the necessary formulation of ideas prior to submission for publication. This newspaper only allows for the dissemination

Reading Rights: Collaborative writing

Magdalena Waz (Drawing by Annie Raccuglia) Mary Jane Jacob’s convocation earlier this week focused on art as a collaborative process, one which often has to take place outside of museums in order to truly matter to a larger audience. In a museum, art, according to Jacob, is “isolated from human conditions.” During the convocation, I

Common sense and the law

Alan Duff It’s no secret that a cup of steaming coffee is scalding hot, or that crackling electrical wires will shock you if you touch them. What is mind-boggling is how eager Americans are to sue for the slightest grievance or wrong they feel has been inflicted against them – often expecting extraneous monetary compensation