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Reading Rights: Purity or progress?

Magdalena Waz (Drawing by Annie Raccuglia) Soon it will be time to start wrapping things up for good. I’ll have to decide whether we are somehow worse for our lack of desire to interact with art or whether I’m just being stubborn and annoying for constantly changing how I define and place value on art.

Staff Editorial: Positive outcomes from collaboration

Editorial Board of The Lawrentian Recently on campus, many student organizations were responsible for an interesting series of events focusing on topics relevant to life outside of Lawrence. These events were made possible through the collaboration of numerous student organizations and university offices. We at The Lawrentian applaud the student organizations, university departments and all

Obama’s comment prevents fair trial for Manning

Alan Duff Last Thursday during a Democrat fundraiser in San Francisco, President Barack Obama was overheard stating that Private Bradley Manning — WikiLeaks’ alleged source for multiple United States Military videos — “broke the law.” Every form of media agency that could grab the news ran with it, speculating about the consequences of the President’s

Yes, I’m a humanities major

Kaye Herranen At many holiday gatherings, I find myself answering the same questions over and over again. Adults politely inquire, “Where do you go to school? How do you like it?” And then the worst… “What’s your major?” I know where this is going. I smile, and reply that I’m pursuing majors in English and

United States involvement with humanitarian aid

Adam Kranz Last week, I attended events hosted by several campus organizations for Social Injustice and Genocide Awareness Week. A constant refrain at each was the question, “Why isn’t the United States doing something to help these people?” As the world’s dominant military power, one of its richest nations — and more than anything else,

Reading Rights

Magdalena Waz (Drawing by Annie Raccuglia) The Fox Cities Book Festival is an annual, week-long event that brings authors to the area to read from their works and speak about the craft, and I only went once. And even then it was more like a field trip required for school. I should have thrown in

The Obama delusion

Adam Kranz Much was made of the fact that Barack Obama’s presidential campaign received significant funding from small donors. His election was heralded as a sign that the country was ready to move on from former President George W. Bush. Many progressives were excited enough by Obama’s radically decent campaign promises to support his bid