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Bernie is the answer

It looks as though the DNC will do anything to keep from accepting Bernie Sanders as the frontrunner in this election. Last week, he could not win Nevada because Medicare For All would take away hard-won union healthcare benefits. Today, he is a communist for questioning our country’s systemic brainwashing that communism, in all forms,

On Kobe Bryant

Disclaimer: This based on a Facebook status I made on Jan. 30. It remains relevant almost a month later. CW: sexual assault So, I am a survivor, and every survivor’s response to being retraumatized by the death and/or accolades of a rapist, abuser or perpetrator is valid. I am with you. I hear you. I

What in the World: Campus jobs are a crock

Go forth young person and think not of campus employment. We are living in a community rife with low-skill opportunities that pay significantly better than whatever job you may have on campus. A cursory glance through LinkedIn’s job openings shows a cornucopia of employment options. Forklift operator, urinalysis observer — a job I have personally

Unlearning your bigotry

Being raised in the U.S. and, to an extent, the rest of the globalized world of capitalism, establishes a certain set of what I call competitive values in the general population. People of varying backgrounds, societies, identities, etc. have differing levels of privilege. Of course, the diversity of values throughout the world — what is

Letter to the Editor from Doug Martin

Dear Editors: I read Claire Zimmerman’s Lore-ence article in the January 31st edition, “Lawrence adds a new UNIC course” with some disappointment.  While the peripheral ideas, such as surveying the students of UNIC 142 before and after the course, were spot on, the core course proposal needs substantial revision.  I fault the anonymous professor for