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Staff Editorial: New CA operations challenge community-building initiatives

Returning students may have noticed a change at their residence halls. Resident Life Advisors (RLAs) have evolved into Community Advisors (CAs). Along with the name change, the way duty hours operate and how programs are defined have also been modified. While the name suggests that these new changes would create a better sense of community,

Masking boredom

Have you ever sat down to write an essay or finally get that assignment done and really could not be bothered to do it with your full attention? Congratulations. You are a normal college student. We all generally accept that there will be classes that we just care less about than others. There will also

On the Cusp of Enlightenment: An Advice Column

Looking for answers? In need of advice from a Taurus-sun, Virgo-moon, Gemini-rising? Think you can stump me? Email Simone at simone.a.levy@lawrence.edu with your own questions and you just might be featured in next week’s column. Dear Simone,  Can you explain types of faults and boundaries, geologically speaking?  Signed, Dave Matthews  Dear Dave,  I’ll do my

What in the World: On naval debauchery

Sailors are a perfidious lot of rabble-rousers if ever there were any. Take four steps outside any naval base and you will find three establishments: strip clubs, strip bars and strip payday loan stores — I exaggerate only slightly. Two heavily mortgaged Ford Mustangs and a Harley will be hang-doggedly for sale in the parking

Roomies ‘n ramen

I am a twin. Therefore, much of my childhood was spent always with my sister — in matching outfits, of course — and our constant proximity meant sharing a room too. We slept in a room half decorated with her Kim Possible posters and half smothered in my unicorn decorations. Although we had some arguments