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What is this article? It is certainly not an attack on modern feminism, nor is it a denial of women’s rights to an equitable society. Instead, I aim to address a glaring hole in our quest for gender equality: masculinity. Most people are already familiar with the idea of toxic masculinity, but we rarely address

Staff Editorial: Reconsidering Lawrence’s credit system

One typical six credit course at Lawrence is expected to entail 3.3 semester hours of lecture time a week. However, some six unit classes have a significantly higher number of semester hours. These classes that require more hours spent in class or time dedicated to a specific skill should be reflected in either additional credit

Death to the language textbook!

I am not advocating for a complete ban of textbooks for language-learning purposes, but the manner in which we approach foreign language education needs to radically change. I find the current landscape of language learning particularly frustrating because I love the endeavor of language acquisition. Having studied numerous languages, both in and out of the

What in the World: Democrats faceplant

You have probably seen the clip on YouTube. Jeff Daniels playing a news anchor on a political discussion panel in the HBO drama “Newsroom” is asked, “What makes America the greatest country in the world?” He saucily replies, “It isn’t.” Everyone gasps and looks flabbergasted. Sensing an opportunity to roast anyone and everyone, he proceeds