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Staff Editorial: Every Lawrentian should take UNIC 117

Many Lawrentians have gone through the American school system. Unfortunately, this is essentially a cookie cutter system that emphasizes test-taking ability, labels students, and not much else. As a result, students have emerged feeling as if their worth is tied to their academic success. Many Lawrentians melt down over a grade that doesn’t match their

Staff Ed: Is it getting hot in here? Young activists tackle climate change

Sixteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg captured the world’s attention this month after an emotional speech at the 2019 UN climate action summit. Thunberg told world leaders, “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.” Thunberg’s sentiments resonated with a generation of young people who feel powerless in the face of world

Staff Editorial: Internet Imposters

Last term, on a study abroad trip to Shanghai, junior Maddie Kiehl encountered a notorious internet creep that has been targeting students. Kiehl accepted a friend request, noting the amount of common connections and the mention of Lawrence University in the account bio. Kiehl says that the account began messaging her “super inappropriate things,” which

Staff Editorial: Changes in Campus Involvement

Recently, many Lawrentians have been speculating about a general decrease in student involvement in campus activities. Some say there have been fewer students running for leadership positions, attending meetings, and supporting each other at events. They say concert and sports game attendance is waning, and that no one wants to invest time in campus organizations.