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Staff Editorial: The Historical Importance of the Obama Portraits

Portraits of former President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama were unveiled on Feb. 12, destined for the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. The uniquely colorful paintings represent a shift from previous presidential and First Lady portraits. The Obamas chose Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald to create their likenesses. Barack’s painting, done by Wiley, renders the

Staff Editorial: Clearer standards needed for writing-intensive classes

Each student at Lawrence is required to take at least one class that is designated as either speaking-or writing-intensive. In regard to the writing-intensive designation, specifically, many students have expressed confusion about or frustration with the fact that some classes which seem like they should be considered writing-intensive are not, while others which do not

Staff Editorial: LUCC Constitutional Amendment aims at equity and inclusivity

LUCC, along with students and staff, just ratified one of the more important amendments to the council’s constitution in some time. About four constitutional amendments were ratified in the past ten years. Most of these amendments instituted minor changes, aside from one to elect LUCC representatives by class rather than residential district. “This amendment is