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Visiting author speaks about Community Read

Visiting author speaks about Community Read

Dan Egan is a long-time reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Photo by Allegra Taylor. On Monday, Feb. 12, journalist and author Dan Egan visited Lawrence to speak to participants in this term’s community read, The Death and Life of the Great Lakes. The class this term consisted of multiple small group discussions lead by

Cultural Competency Lecture on Islamophobia

Associate Professor of Religious Studies Martyn Smith delivered this week’s Cultural Competency lecture on Islamophobia. Photo by Larissa Davis. In order to bring awareness to Islamophobia, Associate Professor of Religious Studies Martyn Smith gave a cultural competency lecture titled, “Islam in America: The Success Story of Dearborn, Michigan.” This lecture and the discussion that followed

Astronomer delivers Convocation on Earth

Phil Plait is an accomplished astronomer, author and blogger. Photo by David Baldwin. Phil Plait—author, astronomer, skeptic and blogger—was the third speaker for the 2018-19 Convocation Series. Plait’s speech, “Strange New Worlds: Is Earth Special?”, was held in Memorial Chapel at 11:10 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 17. As has become custom, in President Mark Burstein’s

The Death and Life of The ilLUstrator

Junior Claire Zimmerman, the current ilLUstrator mastermind, posing with the newest edition. Photo by Larissa Davis. “We intend to create a space for students to read, discuss and create comics and graphic narratives. In addition to these social meetings, we hope to collect student comic submissions and publish them each term as a regular student