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LSO features Michael Mizrahi

LSO features Michael Mizrahi

Last Friday, Jan. 25, the Lawrence Symphony Orchestra performed their first show of the term. They proved that they have only grown individually over the six-week break and matured collectively since last term. The first piece was the debut of a piece by composition student Nolan Veldey ‘13 entitled “All But Inescapable.” It began with

Controversy Erupts over Delta Tau Delta Facebook Event

Earlier this week, Delta Tau Delta posted a Facebook invitation to their upcoming event “Gangstaz Paradise,” a Campus Life-approved party with a hip-hop theme. The event description encouraged attendees to bring their “fitted hats, grillz, chainz, nappy hair wigs, bandanas, button-ups, and curb-stomping Nikes. Don’t be shy; every buster, cornyhorn, scipscoop, hoodrat, ratrunner, hooligan, fooligoon,

DFC event presents politics of women’s rights

  On Nov. 1, the Downer Feminist Council hosted the event “Cookies and Contraceptives,” where a representative from the Appleton Planned Parenthood came to discuss Planned Parenthood Services and its place in the upcoming election.  Cookies, lemonade, women’s rights buttons, informative pamphlets and condom goody bags were provided for attendees. Planned Parenthood representative Sabrina Johnson

Students gather to watch 2012 presidential election results

Cheers rang out from the  Esch-Hurvis Room in the Warch Campus Center on Nov. 6 as students watched results for the Senate, House of Representatives, and Presidential elections on the projected screen at the LU Votes: Rock the Results event. The Lawrence University College Republicans and College Democrats also sponsored the event. Rock the Results