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“Third Wave” feminism comes to Lawrence

Bonnie Tilland The co-authors of the critically acclaimed book MANIFESTA: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future came to Wriston Auditorium on Monday to discuss Third Wave Feminism. Jennifer Baumgardner (Lawrence class of ’92) and Amy Richards met each other as interns at “Ms. Magazine,” and since then they have been active in spreading this “new

Governor McCallum: A True Leader

Timothy Schmidt In recent months, the governor of the state of Wisconsin has taken a good deal of criticism from all sides on his proposed budget. His critics made dire predictions that the proposed budget would result in everything from more crime due to less police protection to shutting down libraries to even the disestablishment

First hundred days a success

Ryan Tierney Bush’s first hundred days are nearing an end this weekend, and as we look back to those first hundred days we can confidently sum up Bush’s administration in one word, bi-partisanship. During the first hundred days of his presidency Bush has met more times with the opposing party than any president in recent