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To jorts or not to jorts

As the temperatures start rising, the long pants are being put away in the closet. Mostly, I’m ecstatic. Winter and COVID really were taking an intense toll on me. However, one qualm I have is that I don’t know which shorts are in style. Right? Is anyone else having this issue? Like… I feel as


Previously: After getting to know more about Waylen and Zander’s past, Ethel learned that Zander left their protest group after Waylen accidentally bombed civilians.  There’s a written transmission waiting for Zander when they get back to their quarters. He taps the screen to read it, eyes flicking over the words as the corners of his

Comparative Histories

The history of beginnings: Not yet begun  The history of medicine: What hurts the least  The history of government: Everyone agrees to not  The history of trade: It’s kind of wanted  The history of economics: It’s a work in progress  The history of science: It’s all real intuitive  The history of war: It’s been soul

Nose Piercings!

So, this week, I can’t help but think about piercings. Right? I’ve had my nose pierced for about…  what is it… 4 years now? I’m trying to recall the time I did it, and why I wanted it so badly. I feel like for the four years this little hoop in my nose has been