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A Look into Student Spiritual Groups

Going to college is quite the transformative time for many students. Getting away from home and formulating a personal identity is critical to the college experience. One of the many ways that students do this is by collecting under a shared viewpoint and engaging with the broader campus community with those values in mind. Even

Staff Editorial: The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

Former, current and prospective students have been given a mere 47 words to answer one massive question: “Why Lawrence?” While this question appears on so many different college applications, Lawrence applicants have to be brief, creative and convincing in just a paragraph. While this approach to the dreaded college essay makes Lawrence stand out with

Sexual Misconduct Policy: A Year in Review

Naomi Oster For the Lawrentian Content warning: mentions of sexual violence, reporting. As the anniversary of a specific rapist’s second removal from campus comes upon us, I think it is time for us as Lawrentians, and me, as SAASHA (Student Alliance against Sexual Harassment and Assault) Vice Chair, to be reflective. What has happened in

Staff editorial: Facebook as a Discussion Platform

Over Spring Break, the Lawrence Admissions Office held a Facebook Live event with a panel of students and the Director of Admissions Ken Anselment to connect with prospective students and applicants. For 30 minutes, Anselment and the students answered questions posted live by prospective students in real time. During this event, many current students and

PEP takes a new spin on Shakespeare classic

PEP crew members perform ‘Pericles’ in the Wriston Art Galleries. This weekend Prescribed Escape Productions (PEP) performed their version of Shakespeare’s Pericles. The show had something in it for everyone, from pirates to shipwrecks to a family reunion. The cast was excited to share their experience with The Lawrentian of working on the production for

A Look into the Lawrence University Trimester System

One of the most salient characteristics of Lawrence University that sets it apart from other universities is the trimester system. Most Lawrentians accept this fact as a part of life at Lawrence without a thought as to its history, benefits and drawbacks. Actually, the trimester system at Lawrence affects several aspects of campus life. According