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“Lisa Ball Park Frank” travels through the late 90’s

“Lisa Ball Park Frank” travels through the late 90’s

The Lisa Ball Park Frank Show is a radio show on WFLM most Tuesdays at 7 p.m. and is a unique opportunity to hear songs of our generations’ childhood and adolescence. This era is not old enough to be Oldies, but too old (read: good) to be on current radio stations and its representation on

Wriston Galleries Go Front-Heavy on Visiting Artists

Since the beginning of Spring Term, Carol Emmons, Jason Rohlf, and Shawn Sheehy, three very successful artists, have given talks in the art gallery. Apart from being a rare treat for Lawrence students of all majors, this was also very unique because all three speeches detailed their artistic techniques.  Many times artists that are featured

Student answers the call of international excursion in Spain

After hearing all my friends’ Spring Break stories, I feel it is time that I make some public blanket statements about my trip to Moorish Spain.   I’ve been appropriately humble when breaking down my itinerary to my friends, but now is my chance to drown everyone in rave reviews of southern Iberia.  I want to

Lawrence enters relief effort for new refugees in the Fox Valley

As 75 refugees enter Appleton from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq and Myanmar, they seek help from the community at large to become acclimated and financially stable in their new environment. Appleton and the surrounding area has welcomed refugees in the past, including thousands of Hmong people between 1980 and 2005. The greater Fox

Football players reflect on athlete stereotypes in academics

Football players make up a large subset of the Lawrence community, with a distinct presence in and out of the classroom. Many of the players live together in the Delt house and walk together through campus. Football players have a uniquely intimidating stature as athletes and are easily recognized. Even outside of season, they train

Secret life of our staff: Mary Meany

While many of us know Mary Meany as the fearless leader from Career Services, few are aware of her rich character beyond preventing Lawrentian unemployment.  This dean has a lot on her mind and some wise words for students in and out of the workplace. Originally hailing from Stamford, Con., Ms. Meany wanted to extend

Wild times ensue for those who participate in Trivia

The Great Midwest Trivia Contest is already adored by many. These capers wreak havoc across campus in a multitude of fashions, including silly costumes and indiscriminate screaming. While exciting and wacky, there are definitely some occupational hazards faced by everyone, on-and off-campus, involved in the Lawrence atmosphere. One of the most impressive demands placed upon