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Album Review: Green Sound’s “Green Sound”

It is impossible not to bob your head at least a little to Green Sound’s hypnotically funky self-titled album, which pulls listeners in with its compact compositions and laid-back improvising. With a diverse set of backgrounds between the three of them—jazz, math rock and classical, to name a few—the trio molds genres together into something

Album Review: Gonjasufi’s “Callus”

Brilliantly dark and dense, Gonjasufi’s third full-length release shows his fans he is nowhere close to letting up his uniquely gritty and honest approach to both his music and lyrics. Perhaps his most melancholy album, which reflects the views he has on our thorny world of racism, ancestry and religion, “Callus” modestly shows a supremely

Album Review: Radiohead’s “A Moon Shaped Pool”

It has been five years since Radiohead last released an album—2011’s “The King of Limbs”—and during that time, fans have been restless. It was rumored that a new release would be soon, and after a few days of incredibly planned and intriguing publicity, “A Moon Shaped Pool” was here. The album—their ninth—displays a more intimate

Album Review: Riverbug’s “Riverbug”

Although their frontman has graduated, Riverbug will make their return soon with a show at Lawrence and the release of their self-titled debut extended play (EP). The band, a collection of composer and frontman Luke Rivard’s ’15 friends, combines elements of many genres—folk, minimalism and post-rock, to name a few. Rivard directs the group and

Album Review: Brian Eno’s “The Ship”

Brian Eno—a musician, composer and producer famous almost equally for all three—released his 26th solo album this past Friday. With a career beginning in the ‘70s with all of these solo albums, and about the same amount of collaborative albums, many of his produced efforts as well as work in writing, educating and visual art,

Album Review: Parquet Courts’ “Human Performance”

As a fan who has only listened to their second album—“Light Up Gold”—and seen them live once, Parquet Courts’ most recent album surprised me. “Human Performance” does not have as much of a raw or unhinged sound as their sophomore album or live shows, but I still enjoyed it immensely. As is evident from many

Album Review: Animal Collective’s “Painting With”

Last Friday, Feb. 19, the highly anticipated new Animal Collective album was released. Despite generally being much fonder of albums from the middle of their career, such as “Strawberry Jam” and “Feels,” and some of their early works, I was very excited for “Painting With.” My excitement only grew after hearing some of the singles

Dan Croll creates simple yet promising debut album

“Sweet Disarray,” Dan Croll’s debut album released on March 10, is precisely what the title suggests. The lyrics and melodies offer the perfect music for a sunny spring, but the album itself is not quite organized enough musically to be truly impressive. You might remember his alt-pop hit, “From Nowhere,” which hit the charts in