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Is the U.S. government “Boston Strong?”

On Tuesday, April 15 in Boston, Vice President Joe Biden gave an inspiring (if occasionally poorly worded) speech to commemorate the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. Biden praised survivors and Bostonians, holding them up as an example of how Americans react to terrorism. He said, “They try to instill fear. That’s their objective, that’s

Reality doesn’t come with trigger warnings: Should our classes?

Our generation is lucky. We live in a time in which, at least in intellectual environments such as Lawrence, people work to be as considerate and accepting of others as possible. Not that there is always agreement on what it means to be “considerate” and “accepting,” but Lawrentians and others make a solid effort to

Inauguration ceremony includes diverse welcome for Burstein

Lawrence was witness to a historic event this past Saturday, Oct. 26 as Mark Burstein was inaugurated as the university’s sixteenth president. The audience at Memorial Chapel included current students, alumni, staff and community members, all of whom were ready to give a formal welcome to Burstein, who took office at the beginning of July.

Humanitarian innovation in refugee camps examined in first Povolny Series lecture

The entrance of the private sector into the field of humanitarianism was explored during a lecture given on Tuesday, Oct. 1 by Alexander Betts, Ph.D., a lecturer in Refugees and Forced Migration for the Humanitarian Innovation Project at the University of Oxford. Dr. Betts’ lecture, titled “Humanitarian Innovation: Refugees, Technology and the Private Sector,” was

Campus mourns the death of former President Rik Warch

Richard Warch, Lawrence’s 14th president, recently passed away after a long battle with cancer, leaving behind a distinguished legacy at the university. According to the official press release from Lawrence, Warch’s 25-year term as president made him the university’s second-longest serving president after Samuel Plantz, who served for 30 years. Over 20,000 of Lawrence’s living