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SHARE institutes updates to policy and composition

After much anticipation, the Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources & Education (SHARE) committee released changes to Lawrence University’s sexual misconduct policy and the body’s own composition. Director of Wellness and Recreation and SHARE Chair Erin Buenzli communicated details in an email to the community on Monday, March 18. The updates are focused on concision, clarity

Lawrence taken aback by student’s shocking arrest: Senior Thomas Skoog arrested on counts of possession of child pornography

On Tuesday, March 15, the Appleton Police Department (APD) arrested Lawrence University student Thomas Skoog on five charges of “possession of child pornography.” The arrest followed a lengthy investigation and brief communication with university officials. The day after Skoog’s arrest, the Outagamie County district attorney’s office filed a criminal complaint that provides further information from

LUCC passes housing legislation before completing transition

Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) held its final General Council meeting of the term on Monday, Feb. 29. This meeting was especially significant as the student government passed two pieces of legislation and transitioned its cabinet. The first legislation was the revised group living policy that has been on the drawing board for over a

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On Friday, Jan. 15, approximately 15 students silently marched from the Diversity Center to the Warch Campus Center, protesting the screening of “Stonewall” (2015), criticized for whitewashing Queer history. The students projected “Stonewall Uprising,” a 2015 documentary on the wall outside the cinema and hung flyers around the building.

LUCC President and Vice President elected: Max Loebl & Jo-Hanna Rifai

The Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) conducted its annual executive elections on Tuesday, Jan. 19. Hours after the election concluded, The Lawrentian broke the news that juniors Max Loebl and Jo-Hanna Rifai had been elected president and vice president of LUCC respectively. Preparations for the election started in ninth week of Fall Term when LUCC

Letter to the Editor: Amaan Khan

To the Editor,   This past Monday, Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) President Wesley Varughese reported to General Council that by the Saturday deadline, only three candidates had submitted paperwork to run for the upcoming executive elections—one for president and two for vice president. Varughese then successfully proposed to the council that it vote on

Sochi to secession in the Crimean Penninsula

Barely had the Winter Olympics concluded than Russia came under the global spotlight once again. The billions of dollars and seven-year-long effort Russia invested in creating a positive international image have been sent down the drain in less than a week. This seems to be a bizarre move considering how much is at stake for

Of beards and burqas: Cultural norms in- and outside the United States

Returning to the United States from Winter Break in Pakistan was tough. The freezing temperatures coupled with rigorous border control procedures made the task a harrowing affair. However, the reason for the unusual treatment at O’Hare International Airport was not lost on me. I had extended my No-shave-November facial hair well beyond the penultimate month,