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Staff editorial: Being female in Trump’s America

Now that the one-hundred day mark of Trump’s presidency has passed, we can reflect upon the myriad of executive orders and late-night votes on bills in Congress that have the potential to radically change the legislative landscape of the US. The fear many had on election night that a sexist president and a conservative Congress

America Has Never Been Innocent, But Don’t You Dare Compare Us to Russia

Given that we are all students on a liberal arts college, I don’t need to tell you that America has never been innocent. No country has ever been founded without bloodshed, especially not a country that becomes a superpower or aspires to be one. The history of the world is one where conquest and progress

Is the U.S. government “Boston Strong?”

On Tuesday, April 15 in Boston, Vice President Joe Biden gave an inspiring (if occasionally poorly worded) speech to commemorate the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. Biden praised survivors and Bostonians, holding them up as an example of how Americans react to terrorism. He said, “They try to instill fear. That’s their objective, that’s