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The History of American Political Liberalism and Social Activism

Social activism is a proactive attempt to right the societal wrongs of society through the centralization of marginalized voices through various liberation movements. Social justice work mirrors the myriad of political, economic, social and spiritual ideologies coalescing in various manifestations without one central school of thought dominating discourse. However, political liberalism has melted into social

Sixth Annual Latin American and Spanish Film Festival

Director Arí Maniel Cruz holds a Q&A on his film “Before the Rooster Crows.” Photos by Emily Midyette. To showcase the best Latin American and Spanish films of the season, the Lawrence University Latin American and Spanish Film Festival (LULASFF) continued for its sixth year. Curated and organized by Associate Professor of Spanish Rosa Tapia

The Polarization of American Politics

According to the Pew Research Center, “55 percent of Democrats say that the Republican Party makes them ‘afraid,’ while 49 percent of Republicans say the same about the Democratic Party”. When asked about whether the other party’s policies threaten the nation, 45 percent of Republicans believe this exemplifies the Democratic Party and 41 percent of

“Inside” Native American Tradition

James E. Cunningham, Ph.D. lectures about Native American cultural traditions in Harper Hall. Photo by Kiran Mufty On Monday, Oct. 10, James E. Cunningham, Ph.D. gave a talk on pop music and how it relates to tradition in Native American culture. While Cunningham’s delayed flight prevented him from speaking the previous Monday, rescheduling the lecture