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Window Scene “Good and Bad”

Excerpts from an overactive imagination. SCENE: Matt and Lorraine are walking through an alley with trash bags, picking up plastic bottles and cans. MATT: So, you like him. LORRAINE: What are you on about Mathew? MATT: LORRAINE: MATT: LORRAINE: Annoyed I don’t like him— MATT: … Right. LORRAINE: —in the way you’re insinuating. MATT: What

“Peter and the Wolf” delights community

Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra performs “Peter and the Wolf.” Photo by Taylor Blackson. On Sunday April 23, the Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra performed a concert featuring Stephanie Sundberg’s “Curiously Deliberate” and Sergei Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf.” The orchestra aimed to attract children and families with kid-friendly repertoire selections and an afternoon concert time. The

LUSO and Choirs present Handel’s “Messiah”

Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra and Lawrence University Choirs in Memorial Chapel. Photo by Angelica Hurtado. On Friday April 21, Lawrence Memorial Chapel was swarming with concertgoers. Visitors, students and faculty flocked to the event to witness Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra (LUSO) and Lawrence University Choirs perform the famous piece, “Messiah.” This extremely long and daunting

Staff Editorial: Would new academic policy changes alleviate stress and inequity?

On April 18, the Lawrence administration announced new academic changes for the 2017-18 school year. There is a new maximum amount of units allowed per term for students (excluding Double Degree students) which dropped from 23 to 22 units per term. Students are now allowed to overload once per their four years here at Lawrence

Classics Week brings Ancient Greece and Rome to campus

The final event of the week was a reading of Aristophanes’ “The Lysistrata” Photo by Luke Payne. Last week from April 10-14, the Lawrence University Classics Department celebrated its annual Classics Week. The week included presentations by students and faculty to educate Lawrence students on the study of classical history and languages. “[Classics Week] is