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Millenials: Flee the suburbs

I’ve expressed my annoyance in a few different op-eds this term at the pigeon-holing of Millenials. It’s especially aggravating when the media sends mixed signals. Am I supposed to be a narcissistic selfie-taker or a vegetarian pro-gay rights tweeter? The latest confusion has surrounded our generation’s living arrangement: Are we suburbanites at heart or city

Too much of nothing: Academia’s apocalypse

Students of Lawrence take note: I have foreseen a minor apocalypse. Not the end of the world; it’s rather the end of meaningful class discussions. Its arrival is hailed not by Conquest, War, Famine or Death but by the Horsemen of large class sizes and overuse of the word “problematic.” Call me the new Nostradamus,

A fifth-year’s perspective on food of Lawrence past

Lawrence has undergone some fairly significant changes this year, from what it’s lost (LU-R1 program) to what it’s gained (a new president). But by the nature of the university system, wherein students cycle through every four (or sometimes five) years, it’s difficult to know the context and longer-term effects of some of these changes. We

Creative studies classes fail to deliver jobs

The New York Times reported this week on the growing number of “Creative Studies” programs on college campuses in this country in an article called “Learning to Think Outside the Box” by Laura Pappano. This intrigued me because the word “creative” is thrown around so much—can you slap some puff paint on a poster? You’re