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Work It: Campus Life

Work It: Campus Life

Sophomore Campus Life employee Pagnaa Attah Nantogmah. Photo by Anton Zemba. The Campus Life staff is dedicated to helping students make the best of their college experience, from housing to participating in student organizations. The Campus Life Office, located on the fourth floor of  the Warch Campus Center, is open from 8 a.m. to 3

Work It: Tech Crew

Junior Tech Crew member Susie Francy. Photo by Anton Zemba. The Conservatory of Music promotes the performing arts with concerts, recitals, convocations and much more. A lot of work happens behind the scenes to make these performances possible. This week, I interviewed juniors Susie Francy and Ethan Mellema about their involvement in Tech Crew and

Work It: CAS Tutors

This week, I want to highlight all the tutors of the Center for Academic Success (CAS) who have worked hard all year round. Writing, oral and content tutors help students excel in multiple areas of study. To apply for the job, students are either recommended by a professor or fill out an online application explaining

Travelogues: Ireland with Ming Montgomery

Senior Ming Montgomery. Photo by Anton Zemba. Lawrence’s 10-week terms are already intense, yet senior Ming Montgomery went even further by attending a 10-week conservatory-style term at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. Not only were Montgomery’s classes back-to-back from 8:40 in the morning until about 6:00 at night—unlike most study abroad programs,

Faithful Retellings: Cynfor Lu

Junior Economics and English Major Cynfor Lu. Photo by Anton Zemba. While we’ve always been told not to bring up money, politics or religion at the dinner table, sometimes it’s these subjects that can lead to the most insightful discussions. Our perspectives on spirituality and religion are as different as the backgrounds and stories that

Work It: RLAs and HRLAs

Sage Hall Residence Life Advisor (RLA) Liam McDonald. Photo by Anton Zemba. Residence Life Advisors (RLAs) are some of the first students incoming freshmen meet at Lawrence. Some of their administrative duties include sitting at the front desk, building community with residents and directing students to on campus resources. They also make bulletin boards and

Islam in America

Professor of Religious Studies Martyn Smith. Photo by Anton Zemba. On Tuesday, Feb. 12, Professor of Religious Studies Martyn Smith gave a presentation entitled “Islam in America: The Success Story of Dearborn, Michigan.” Smith discussed the subtleties of Islamophobia and drew on his experiences taking students on trips to Dearborn to reflect on what makes

Travelogues: China with Maddie Kiehl

Junior Maddie Kiehl. Photo by Anton Zemba. Though transitioning from living in the Midwest to studying in a massive Chinese metropolis could be considered stepping out of one’s comfort zone, junior Maddie Kiehl found that spending a semester in Shanghai, China suited her well. Studying alongside classmates from around the world at an international program

Work It: Bon Appetit

Freshman Quinn Giglio. Photo by Anton Zemba. This week I wanted to investigate why Bon Appétit has such a tight community of workers. I learned that the Andrew Commons is composed of two parts. There is the front house where workers serve, prep and clean up, and there is a back house where students wash