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Album Review: Liquidator by The Harry J Allstars

Socially conscious lyrics are one of the hallmarks of reggae. Of course, reggae artists cover a broad variety of subjects with their songs, from love to religion. Some may simply aim to convey generally optimistic vibes to their audience. However, artists like the legendary Bob Marley, Burning Spear or Peter Tosh helped advance reggae beyond

Creative Writing Club Serial Story: Episode Five

Smoke from the sopping firewood twisted into the low cloud cover.  “So, you don’t want to swim or play cards or go for a hike. What do you want to do?” Diane sat slumped in her camping chair.  “I don’t know.”  Lizzie’s mother heaved a sigh. “Kiddo…” Diane sat forward in her chair, “Lizzie, look

Movies, Movies, Movies

Promising Young Woman, 2020, directed by Emerald Fennell — 2/5 Stars  Content Warning: Promising Young Woman addresses difficult themes including, rape, assault and abuse.  Promising Young Woman is nothing if not divisive and thought-provoking. Emerald Fennel’s 2020 Oscar-winning directorial debut has divided critics and casual movie fans alike, sparking a conversation around sexual trauma in

Student Recital: Juan Hernandez

Junior Juan Hernandez performed his junior recital on Apr. 24 in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. Photo by Alana Melvin. Juan Hernandez performed his junior recital in the chapel on Saturday, April 24, for a mixed in-person and virtual audience. The chapel was able to hold fifty socially distanced guests, and a livestream was recorded for

Album Review: Giants in the Trees

What do you do after you’ve peaked? The idea of reaching your zenith in life prematurely and having nowhere to go but down is a terrifying thought. In the musical realm, many artists feel this fear acutely when releasing follow-ups to hit records. Can they maintain the momentum from their first hit and stay relevant,

Artist Talk: Bad Pictures of Bad Subjects

On April 20, Lyle Rexer of the School of Visual Arts virtually visited Lawrence University students and faculty to speak about the “de-skilling and re-skilling of photography.” Rexer’s topic, “Bad Pictures of Bad Subjects,” focused on the complexities of images that appear “bad” or mundane, as well as their effect on popular culture and the

Student Recital: Alex Lewis

Junior Alex Lewis performed his cello concert on Saturday, April 24 in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. Photo by Alana Melvin. Junior Alex Lewis’s cello recital was on Saturday, April 24. Hosted both in person in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel and streamed online, Lewis says the recital was the most important part of his school year

LUMÉ brings Mariachi to Wisconsin

Freshman Jando Valdez helped found the Lawrence University Mariachi Ensemble. Photo by Pei Robins. Mariachi may not be the most familiar sound to the Midwest, but in the past year it has put down roots at Lawrence. The Lawrence University Mariachi Ensemble (LUMÉ) began rehearsals last term thanks to the combined enthusiasm of first year