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Student Spotlight: Luka Santin

Student Spotlight: Luka Santin

Photo provided by Luka Santin Sophomore Luka Santin is a Lawrence student in the Bachelor of Arts in Music program, focusing on piano performance and psychology. While they have an extensive history of musical passion and participation throughout their secondary education, including choir, violin, cello and piano lessons, it was in their Fall Term at

Movies, Movies, Movies

“Soul,” 2020, directed by Pete Docter and Kemp Powers – 4/5 Stars  Since the release of “Toy Story” in 1995, Pixar has pushed the limits of what storytelling in animation can do for children and families. From “Up” to “WALL-E” to the third installment in the “Toy Story” franchise, Pixar’s films have covered surprisingly mature

Joyce Manor’s New Album Resurfaces Old Sound

In the closing week of May 2020, Joyce Manor, an emo/punk outfit from Torrance, Calif., surprised listeners with a raw and, for the most part, never before heard, full-length release of recordings from the band’s early years titled Songs From Northern Torrance. The record contains only recordings from Joyce Manor’s first two years of existence,

Revival of the Period Piece Romance: “Emma.” Review

Although released early into the 2020 film season, Autumn de Wilde’s highly stylized revamp of the classic Jane Austin novel, “Emma,” has recently taken on a new found popularity. While “Emma.” came out slightly before statewide quarantines were put in place, it fits perfectly into the escapist nostalgia that closely followed weeks of homebound living.

Lawrence Swing Dance Club welcomes new comers in open dances

This term, the Lawrence Swing Dance club (LSD) has made a challenging but creative transition from their usual traditional partnered swing dancing to a new practice of socially-distant line dancing to accommodate Lawrence safety guidelines during the pandemic. Through these efforts, as well as others including hosting social events such as virtual movie nights, the

Movies, Movies, Movies

“Borat Subsequent Moviefim,” 2020, directed by Jason Woliner — 3.5/5 Stars The first “Borat” was shocking and over-the-top. Sacha Baron Cohen’s unscripted, part-real, part-mockumentary film left audiences slack-jawed, stunned and hungry for more. Despite the attention it got, the movie’s sheer vulgarity may have skewed its intended message of mocking American stupidity and xenophobia. Those