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Contracting senioritis too early

By Aubrey Klein With the 50-days party behind them, it will be mere weeks before Lawrence’s senior class graduates. Soon, they will be officially thrust into the simultaneously scary and exciting world of real adulthood. Some have jobs lined up, others have graduate school acceptance letters in hand and the rest are quite content to

Don’t be ashamed about crying during movies

By Aubrey Klein Spoiler alert: even though Nicholas Sparks is insanely predictable, there are still spoilers of “The Longest Ride” ahead. I admit it. I went to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie, “The Longest Ride.” And I cried—like a freaking baby. I had to actively resist hyperventilating in the theater—crying silently is really difficult—and

Homelessness is our responsibility

By Aubrey Klein Last month, my sister’s car was broken into at a restaurant parking lot in Milwaukee. The window of her car was smashed, and several thousands of dollars worth of her possessions were stolen, including her MacBook, backpack with school textbooks and Kate Spade duffel bag holding clothes and toiletries. She was understandably

Two perspectives on the anti-vaccination movement: Has ableism become a factor?

By Aubrey Klein As everyone is well aware by now, the ongoing debate about the anti-vaccination movement has reached fever pitch. While fears about vaccines have been around since the advent of the technology, there has been a resurgence in the past decade of fears that specific vaccines such as MMR—that’s mumps, measles and rubella—or