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Breakfast, breakfast and breakfast

Breakfast, breakfast and breakfast

What’s your reason for waking up in the morning? Is it the exciting and reassuring prospect of a fresh start with a brand new day? Do you look forward to morning’s stillness and the opportunity for quiet meditation and preparation? Perhaps you get out of bed in the morning because there is someone you love

The problem with procrastination

Procrastination is my nemesis in life. You would know this if you’ve ever seen how long it takes me to pack for or unpack from a long trip, or buy Christmas presents or, I don’t know, write an article for some school newspaper. Anyway, this dilatory problem of mine became more apparent to me at

The decline in national pride

The idea of nationalism is a relatively new one, dating back only to the late 1700s with the American and French Revolutions and the ideals that their respective declarative documents presented. Writers and intellectuals of the time also perpetuated this new notion of identifying with one’s country, for prior to this time, people generally viewed

Twitter: Beware the ego

In my estimation, the hottest social networking site today is Twitter. For many people, it has surpassed Facebook in popularity with its alluring immediacy, concision and simplicity as it extends networking to a broader scope of people and interests while maintaining exclusivity. However, like any new idea, there are those neo-luddites who are opposed to