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Hidden Figures of Lawrence: Carolyn Swanson

Hidden Figures of Lawrence: Carolyn Swanson

Bon Appetit employee Carolyn Swanson standing with her artwork, featured in Andrew Commons on the first floor of the Warch Campus Center. Photo by Larissa Davis   This story has been revised from the print copy to include more information on Swanson’s artistic talents and inspirations.   Warch Campus Center is cross roads of campus,

Sage Advice: The Dos and Don’ts of On-Campus Eating

The culinary options at Lawrence can sometimes be difficult to navigate, especially as an incoming student who is new to Bon Appetit. Variety Editor Claire Zimmerman and Features Editor Andrew Brown offer some wisdom to help anyone who may be struggling. DOs Pick a Table in the Commons before getting food. The eating area fills

Students express desire for authentic Asian food

Recent changes made by Lawrence University’s dining service Bon Appétit—such as the infrequency of the omelet station, fewer fruit options and the introduction of the infamous clamshell—have received mixed reviews from the student body. However, a long-standing issue that has not been talked about much is the Andrew’s Global Market station that features an array

Lawrentians in Contention: Let them eat vegetables

The healthy options in our café are abysmal. Controversial statement of the year, right? Normally I wouldn’t ruminate on such things—if I’m to be honest my usual orders at Kaplan’s Café consist of some Meat ft. Greasy Side—but in the past few weeks, after several Lawrentians reiterated the point, something clicked. Our café has the