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Book review “Washington Square”

Novelist Arthur Phillips describes “Washington Square” by Henry James as “a very modern novel indeed: all questions, no answers,” which is exactly right. This novel’s plot is fairly simple and easy to follow; its language, while at times antiquated and erudite, is not very difficult to decipher or understand. Its length is average: a little

Book Review: Stephen King’s “Dolores Clairborne”

Artists must always find new ways to present their ideas in order to distinguish their works from each other and from the works of other artists. In his 1992 novel “Dolores Claiborne,” author Steven King steers away from his favorite genre—horror—and abandons many conventions of novel-writing. The book consists entirely of the titular character Dolores

Nelson does “The Da Vinci Code” better in “Rex Mundi”

Pity Arvid Nelson. He got there first. Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code” came out in 2003 and got the millions of copies sold and the movie version, even though both renditions of the story were terrible (except for Paul Bettany as Silas, of course). Arvid Nelson’s comic series “Rex Mundi” started in 2003 and faded