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Valentine’s Day: a Terrible Holiday for Terrible People

When we defend Valentine’s Day, what are we really defending? Love? I don’t think so. Capitalism? Maybe. The right to be obnoxious about your relationship decision?  Absolutely. Valentine’s Day can only exist through the lens of a love-obsessed society. We are not allowed to forget this ever, but especially not on such a God-forsaken time

Dark, mysterious men in fiction

By Bridget Keenan Weird fiction tropes include, but are not limited to, dark and mysterious men. They are everywhere in teen and romantic fiction. These unconventional men are popular because they combine socially desirable aspects of a partner with socially undesirable ones. Some prominent examples of dark and mysterious men include Edward Cullen from “Twilight” and

Monogamy: not for everyone

By Bridget Keenan The social construct of romantic love has proven itself to be a manipulative tool, especially towards women. Women, among other groups, are taught to center their lives around the attention of men under the deluded belief that monogamy will bring them fulfillment. This belief is not sanctioned by either experience or psychology, but

Give punk music a try

By Bridget Keenan Sinfonia had a pretty good show this weekend, which consisted of four bands, all of the genre of either punk, indie or metal. All of the bands consisted of Lawrentians, and many students showed up to hear their original music. For the most part, their musicianship was good, and the song content