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Artist Spotlight: Tim Carrigg

Artist Spotlight: Tim Carrigg

By Bryan Cebulski   Music connects you to others, and it connects you to yourself. An appreciation for composed sounds is an internal as well as an external meditation. Lying on your bed while listening to Joni Mitchell or grooving to Michael Jackson on the dance floor—no other form of expression is quite so viscerally

Artist Spotlight: Tierra Masupha

By Bryan Cebulski Inspire, connect, express. Such is the motto of Lawrence University’s Slam Poetry Club (SPC), a recently established organization aimed at providing an emotional outlet and safe space for students. Sophomore Tierra Masupha co-founded SPC last year. Her hard work in getting the club running will be demonstrated on Friday, May 8, at

Artist Spotlight: Dylan Richardson

The bassoon is an unwieldy instrument. It is one of the largest of the woodwind instruments, standing awkwardly tall within a family of more petite instruments. The fingering is wild and complicated, often demanding the use of more phalanges than the average human possesses. The left thumb by itself has nine keys to press down.