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The Artist Spotlight: Sarah Jane Rennick

In a post-MTV world, the music video has become an art unto itself. It is an essential part of the production process, important both as a way to represent the music and as a way to broaden its appeal emotionally, intellectually and artistically. The effect is less narrative-focused than film, but more visceral and striking

Elmer Rice’s “Street Scene” explores emotions and problems of daily life

Thursday, Feb. 20, through Saturday, Feb. 22, Lawrence University put on four performances of Elmer Rice’s Pulitzer-winning play “Street Scene.” A cast and crew of over fifty students developed this adaptation under the careful direction of Professor Kathy Privatt, with costume design by Kärin Kopischke. To thank each and every individual involved, including a cairn

Newly established Slam Poetry Club hosts first open mic event

Writers at Lawrence have gathered under organizations like Tropos and the Creative Writing Club (CWC) to showcase their work and to help each other improve. While CWC does have workshops and while Tropos does hold tri-annual poetry readings, there are always more ways for writers to express and perform their work. One such way is

The Artist Spotlight: Susannah Gilbert

Poetry is a divisive form of writing. Some dismiss it as incomprehensible and pretentious while others regard it as a pure and sophisticated exercise in structure and emotion. Regardless of personal judgment, poetry still stands as an important way for many writers to express thoughts and feelings in a way that other forms of writing

The Artist Spotlight: Emma Brayndick

Acting is an art of deceit, but it is also an art of understanding. The actor puts herself into the character’s shoes and, for the duration of the performance, becomes a different person. The amount of empathy gained from such an experience is not to be understated. Actors work and study hard to achieve this

Three seniors produce typography-based art show TYPE

Creative design exists in places one is often prone to overlook—the woodwork of a coffee table, the shape and size of a book, the contours of a shoe. Somebody made a conscious choice to design these things in a specific way. The way the alphabet is stylized is no different, from the no-nonsense of Times New

Artist Spotlight: Dakota Williams

Brass instruments are capable of producing a uniquely grand and epic sort of sound, inimitable by any other musical instrument. A key example of a brass instrument is the horn, commonly, though incorrectly, known as the French horn. Lawrence’s very own senior Dakota Williams offers a chance for students to come and listen to this

Melee joins forces with other groups in fall preview show

On the evening of Friday, Nov. 8, Lawrence University’s dance troupe Melee, along with Lawrence Swing Dance, Danza Mexica and Massive Movement, performed six different dances over a brief but highly kinetic session previewing what student dancers have been working on this fall. These dances demonstrated great diversity of style and choreographic creativity. Melee states

Bunke stars in “Sweetest Swing in Baseball” for senior project

Mental health issues, when discussed in creative works, walk that fine line between comedy and tragedy. “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” “The Magic Mountain,” “Girl, Interrupted;” it’s an endlessly fascinating topic that can be viewed with equal merit through a variety of lenses. Last weekend, the Lawrence University theater department performed a fine example

Artist Spotlight: Olav Bjørnerud

Although Lawrence’s mascot is the Viking, the campus is tragically deficient in Viking décor and paraphernalia. That’s why senior Olav Bjørnerud decided to construct a Viking ship-inspired sculpture and have it installed in the Buchanan Kiewit Wellness Center this year. “It’s always been strange to me that there wasn’t a Viking ship on campus,” Bjørnerud