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Orchestra concert explores music from the Americas

May this university never doubt the infinite range of music an orchestra can perform. To the layman, the word “orchestra” often suggests highly classical music that is difficult for anyone who is not a devoted musician to appreciate. On Sunday, Oct. 13, however, the Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra played their first show of the year

Optimistic Feral Children performs in Cloak Theater

Seeing as this generation of college students undoubtedly grew up watching re-runs of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” on ABC Family, there can be no question regarding the current appeal of improvisational comedy. That’s why last Friday, Oct. 4, Lawrence’s improv team Optimistic Feral Children (OFC) had a near-full audience in the Cloak Theater for

The Artist Spotlight: Anthony Capparelli

Tall, spindly, good-humored, straightforward and humble. These characteristics form a basic composite of the man who is senior Anthony “Tony” Capparelli, piano performance major extraordinaire. Capparelli has been involved in music for his whole life. From the looks of it, his enthusiasm for the art and practice seems unlikely to ever diminish. “I was always interested in

The Artist Spotlight: Dan O’Connor

While the organ is an imperative instrument in musical history and in the musical world in general, it can be a hard sell to the casual listener. The organ is often identified with stereotypes of Catholic churches and Dracula’s castle. But organs are a wonderful and gorgeous piece of musical machinery, and fifth-year Dan O’Connor hopes