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Considerations on Croissants: Kaplan’s Café

Article courtesy of Isaac Yeller of Respectful and Tasteful Satire (RATS) On Thursday, Sept. 28 of the two-thousand-seventeenth year of Earth’s common era I went through a metamorphosis— not only of man, but of pastry. In deciding where this season of “Considerations on Croissants” would lead me in the coming months, I found myself deflated,

Window Scene: Cafe

Excerpts from an overactive imagination. SCENE, Cafe. All of the tables are empty but one, its occupants are a man and a woman. They are sitting across from each other. “River” by Bishop Briggs is playing softly in the background.   KEN: I’m only dating you ironically.   SARAH: That’s fine. (She sips her cappuccino)