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Staff Editorial: Cameras for a Safer Campus

Last Thursday, Vice President for Student Life Christopher Card sent out a campus-wide email about a bias incident reported in which a swastika was put on a student’s name sign in Hiett Hall. This email was followed by a campus wide condemnation of the incident and inquiry to determine the possible perpetrators. What differentiated this

Burstein considers campus values in Convocation

President Mark Burstein addresses a crowded Memorial Chapel. Photo by Billy Liu To address how the Lawrence community should move forward with the 2017-2018 school year, President Mark Burstein addressed students and faculty at the Matriculation Convocation held at 11:10 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 14. Burstein’s speech was preceded by the Welcome Week Choir singing “Unity”

Blast from the Past: A guide to campus stereotypes

Published 9/22/1967 Author Scott Lewis One of the prime instincts of the Froshus novice upon arriving at the unfamiliar campus habitat is to seek security in stereotyping. The Froshus novice quickly evaluates its fellow Froshus novices and Classmen upperi for physical appearances, mannerisms, etc. in order to place them in any number of broad categories.

Letter to the Editor: On Campus Scandal

Time has a mutating effect, but a few elements of the Lawrence experience remain constant over the decades—room parties, mayflies, midterms, nervous administrators, happy hours at the Viking Room and a juicy campus scandal about once per semester. The most recent example is the now-notorious screening of “Can We Take a Joke?” in the Wriston

Christina Dahl returns to campus for recital

On Sunday, April 23 at 4 p.m., Lawrence hosted renowned pianist Christina Dahl for a recital in Harper Hall. Dahl has performed at numerous prestigious venues across the globe, recorded on several prominent record labels, and taught at many summer festivals and universities, including Lawrence, where she was a faculty member for three years. Dahl

Classics Week brings Ancient Greece and Rome to campus

The final event of the week was a reading of Aristophanes’ “The Lysistrata” Photo by Luke Payne. Last week from April 10-14, the Lawrence University Classics Department celebrated its annual Classics Week. The week included presentations by students and faculty to educate Lawrence students on the study of classical history and languages. “[Classics Week] is