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No Phone Zone

Chances are, if you see someone alone, they’re probably on their phone. I’m guilty of this too—texting while waiting for a friend to meet me for dinner, scrolling through “Man Repeller” articles before class starts and sending memes to my friends when I should be asleep. If a person followed you around and interrupted you

Opera’s inclusive message speaks to audience

A scene from Berstein’s “Mass.” Photo by Taylor Blackson. Every year, Lawrence University presents a fully staged opera. This year’s mainstage opera was  Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass,” an emotional production based around the Roman Catholic Tridentine Mass. Director of Opera Studies and Associate Professor of Music Copeland Woodruff elevated “Mass” to a new level by incorporating

Hazing prevention seminar disappoints Greek Life students

This past Sunday evening, Michael Ayalon, CEO of Greek University, presented a two-hour hazing prevention seminar in the Esch Hurvis studio. Attendance at the event was mandatory for all student members of Greek letter organizations, including fraternities and sororities. Greek University is a private education management company based in Franklin, Tennessee. The company offers sorority

What we can learn from Harvey Weinstein

Our culture consumes celebrity gossip like drunk pizza at 3 a.m.—satisfying, gluttonous and completely forgotten about the next day. When sexual assault allegations began raining down on film producer Harvey Weinstein earlier this month, news outlets were quick to cover the story. Dozens of women relayed their stories of sexual assault and harassment by the

Dance Team: Where Arts and Sports Collide

Is it art? Is it a sport? Lawrence University Dance Team answers “Yes!” to both questions. Bringing together two previously disparate categories, the Dance Team gracefully straddles the line between athleticism and artistry, all while supporting Lawrence athletic teams. Lawrence University Dance Team (LUDT) made their season debut at the football home game on September

Dianne Bruce and the Hidden Power of Compliance

Last Saturday, a crowd of activists gathered outside Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s ritzy DC mansion for a self-titled “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice”. The event’s purpose was to send a message to the First Daughter that climate change and LGBTQ+ communities matter—but an unsuspecting star stole the show. Ivanka’s neighbor, Dianne Bruce, was