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“Symphonic Dances” lights up Chapel

  From 8 to 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 26, the Lawrence Memorial Chapel was filled with the wonderful, resonant sounds of Associate Professor of Music Anthony Padilla’s piano performance. The recital, entitled “Symphonic Dances,” featured orchestral transcriptions—either piano pieces arranged for orchestra, or orchestral pieces arranged for piano. Between each piece, Padilla provided the

Elias String Quartet performs in the Chapel

On Feb. 3 in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel, the internationally-acclaimed Elias String Quartet performed three pieces in distinctly different styles for a crowd of enthusiastic Lawrentians and Appleton residents. Founded in 1998, the quartet is based in London; its players are from France, Scotland and Sweden. From the moment they walked onstage, the four musicians

Saxophone recital illuminates Chapel

Saxophonist Sumner Truax serenades his audience on the Lawrence Memorial Chapel Stage. Photo by Veronica Bella This past Saturday, Sept. 17, faculty, staff and students gathered in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel for the first faculty recital of the term. Chairs were set up on the stage, inviting the audience to engage with the music as