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Convocation: Dr. Paul Farmer

Convocation: Dr. Paul Farmer

On Tuesday Apr. 22, medical anthropologist Dr. Paul Farmer delivered Lawrence’s spring convocation, titled “In the Company of the Poor.” Associate Professor of History Monica Rico introduced him as an “internationally recognized expert on treating infectious diseases,” sharing with the full chapel his accomplishments to date, including a MacArthur Foundation fellowship and a position as

Brothels, donors and myths, oh my: The truth about sorority houses

It’s one of Lawrence’s undying rumors: Why don’t our sororities have group housing? “From what I’d heard around campus, the reason was because years ago some really wealthy donor gave a lot of money to Lawrence on the condition that sororities don’t have housing,” senior Abby Guthmann said. Another frequent speculation is that Appleton has

Busting campus rumors: What’s really in the campus food?

It’s a bizarre rumor, but that doesn’t stop it from being passed down through generations of Lawrentians: Do institutional food services, including our own Bon Appétit, put laxatives in the cafeteria food? Of course, the answer is no. “Bon Appétit does not, nor ever would, put any foreign substance in any of our food,” says

Forum scrutinizes accessibility

Last Friday afternoon, the Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA) asked the campus to consider the question, “Is Our Campus Accessible?” in their forum on ableism. “[CODA] has been putting a lot of emphasis on education of ourselves and the community pertaining to diversity issues on campus and we felt there was a lack of attention