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Lawrentians in Contention: Let them eat vegetables

The healthy options in our café are abysmal. Controversial statement of the year, right? Normally I wouldn’t ruminate on such things—if I’m to be honest my usual orders at Kaplan’s Café consist of some Meat ft. Greasy Side—but in the past few weeks, after several Lawrentians reiterated the point, something clicked. Our café has the

Ask a fifth-year: Religiously divided roommates

Dear Will, I am a Christian and my roommate is an atheist. We have so far been very friendly with each other and haven’t discussed our beliefs much, but she often makes passing comments about religious people being unreasonable and unintelligent, which tend to offend me. I understand that part of being a liberal arts

Cartwright’s Committee on Curriculum: Hail to the curriculum tradition

A Lawrence staff member recently told me while critiquing this column that the views I have expressed on the “Committee” are limited because my Lawrence experience will last only four years. This is valid. Students’ views of Lawrence are unavoidably short-sighted, and thus, nearly all the articles written in The Lawrentian are limited this way.

Graves from Göttingen: Adolf Windaus

Adolf Windaus was born on Christmas Day, 1876 to Margarete Elster and Adolf Windaus. He was born into a family that had mostly been tradesmen and artisans—his father was a drapery manufacturer. However, as a child, he attended the prestigious Französisches Gymnasium in Berlin. Although he had been interested in literature and the humanities as

Cartwright’s committee on cirriculum: The liberal arts degree and careers

The seniors of today can’t help but worry about their future careers. Every day, the media inundates students with the notion that absolutely nobody stands a chance of finding a job. And in the mix of soaring costs of higher education, the value of the liberal arts for personal careers has been publicly thrown into

Ask a fifth-year: To Greek or not to Greek, that is the question

Dear Will, I’ve been recently hanging out with a lot of fraternity guys and I think they’re interested in having me join as a pledge. I’ve always kind of been against the idea of a fraternity, as it seems like I’d be paying for friends. These seem like cool guys, though, and I’m really interested