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Give Back The Gold: Răducan’s Olympic Controversy

The year 2000—many things awaited us in that lofty year, but one of the most memorable events was the Summer Olympics held in Sydney, Australia. You may remember some controversies during this Olympics, most notably in the gymnastics competition. From allegations against Chinese gymnast Dong Fangxiao of falsifying her age, to the vault table being

Your Handy Guide to the Trump-Russia Controversy, Because Someone Has to Do It

Even before the election there’s been a lot, and I do mean a lot, of speculation on what on earth Trump’s ties to Russia and President Vladimir Putin are. The reactions range from denials to conspiracy theories that Trump is a Manchurian (Siberian?) candidate out to destroy the country in an unholy alliance with Putin.

“Everybody’s Doing It” exposes abstinence controversy

On Thursday, April 21, a small group of Lawrence University students from all around campus gathered in Kohler Hall to watch and discuss “Everybody’s Doing It,” a comedic parody movie about abstinence-only sex education in high school. The event was hosted by GlobeMed and was a part of the Sexual Health Week at LU event

NBA trade deadline passes without controversy

Well, that was a letdown. The NBA trade deadline passed last Thursday and many expected big names and star players to be wearing different uniforms by the end of it. Given how exciting last year’s deadline was with close to 40 moves, many were excited for this one to produce similar results. But by the